When can a student loan be worthwhile?

More and more young adults are choosing to study in Germany, which they would like to take up after completing high school. Although the study situation in some cities has deteriorated in recent years to the extent that universities and colleges are partly overcrowded and the housing market is really ( more… )

Different types of consumer credit

Consumer credit rate by product type To help you make your choice, we compiled the average rates observed by type of consumer credit. Auto credit: the cheapest consumer credit As a general rule, car loans are consumer credit at the lowest rate, especially for the purchase of new cars. The ( more… )


Credit standing refers to the creditworthiness of persons or companies, especially in the financial sector. First and foremost, having a very good credit rating means that a borrower is likely to be able to meet his obligations. This applies to the private borrower as well as to companies that issue ( more… )

Definition mortgage: What is behind the term?

The term mortgage is used almost exclusively in connection with real estate financing. However, the mortgage has been increasingly replaced for years by a mortgage. The mortgage is a so-called land charge, which the owner or beneficiary of the mortgage has on a specific property or even a property. By ( more… )

Financial savings products for retirement

Saving for retirement more and more is being a basic goal for many people. And now that we are at the beginning of the year and it is a good time to put purposes for the new year that better than starting to save for your retirement . Retirement savings ( more… )

Boat loan – Borrow without questions

In Belgium, a large number of people have a pleasure craft and several new ones are added every year. Unfortunately, few people have the option of paying for the purchase of a boat straight away. Fortunately, a so-called boat loan offers the perfect solution. In principle, a boat loan is ( more… )

How to make a cottage a money machine?

First think about the location of the cottage. Are there interesting places nearby? Is the forest near? If there are slopes nearby, you have won. You can rent the cottage in summer and winter and earn more. Prepare the cottage for rent In order to spend their holidays in the ( more… )

4 things worth asking for a personal loan

While having a taste is not a crime, we can identify some things that are more important than others and that we should not doubt when it comes to investing, since they will yield good results. These are three options to consider: Studies We never know everything. Check what are ( more… )